for MLIVE next Friday in Berlin!

As the music lover and sound nerd that you are, you’re surely aware of the existence of Majestic Casual, one of the biggest Youtube channels around. Since its early days we appreciate Nick’s work and v/b/logging skills in finding the sound that they branded Majestic, then putting it into endless playlists and giving the youtube channel business a new definition. Like we did years ago with our YUM YUM Parties that turned into a bordercrossing juggernaut, Majestic Casual is starting its own events this year. Their first event will take place next Friday Feb 5th in Berlin (what a surprise, haha) and the line up for this night should get you excited: Snakehips, Tom Misch, good friends Still Parade who are managed by one of our closest associates & buddies, and old school veteran & friend Munk, who is oddly hired and musically somewhat out of place here, but will definietly raise the average age to at least 21 and give it some groundedness. Just to name some of them…
Here’s your chance to win a few free guestlist spots (plus 1 of course)! Simply send us a message on our ChromeMusic Facebook page or leave a FB comment! We will get back to you by end of this week. Fingers crossed ;)

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