ego fm stuttgart Our most favorite local radio station EgoFm is expanding and you get the chance to join one of their legendary partys! Since years we’ve been friends with the Ego crew, and when we drop by from time to time at their office this means we always have nice chats about the new star wars, the terrible new x-men, the last best seen post on imgur ‘most viral’ charts (well, that’s been mine for sure ;)) or whatever implicated fun and the joy of life. True story – although I am generally allergic to offices, doors you can just open with a card to get in or bad coffee out of huge machines it is always a pleasure to meet these guys. You can guess where this is going…Meeting the guys out of the office including a nice cold beer instead of green cups filled with coffee is even more fun and something we always enjoy the most. No matter when and where – music is the one thing that connects again and again (besides Yoga ;)).
This text isn’t about us and fawning to keep our radio show safe every sat night at this radio station. No, I am telling you all this because I know what huge step and success the steadily growing send area means to the hard working and totally understaffed ‘Egos’. Being a ‘rebel’ and doing things differently and probably more zeitgeisty and innovative compared to the whole ancient and rusty radio scene in Germany needs a lot of effort and power. I know what I am talking about…


Anyway, long story short: EgoFm is available in Stuttgart from now on and this is worth celebrating! The party takes place @freund&kupferstecher and a nice live show including acts like Onra, Leyya, Drum Quixote & CJ awaits you! Check out the Facebook Event for further information!

Until Thursday night we give you the chance to win free tickets for this event! Just make sure to comment this post on Facebook or send us a quick fb message!