Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix from the ashes


Finally they have a new Album, one of the few things worth purchasing these days. But you really have to ask yourself if you wanna give any money to a music company these days when YOU READ STORIES LIKE THESE.

I wish Phoenix had a donate button on one of their social media platforms, so i could give these guys 10 bucks straight for their new album, and heck i do not need it in any physical form. Any Artist would make way more money this way, but they ‘d have to be their own booking agency and, and, and… but hey this is teh future – you would be able to crowdsource that as well. And if you do not have a clue what i am talking about lean back and keep on being spoonfed.

***Anway big up Phoenix for making another outstanding Album***







link to their website – from here you can go to their blog (some nice diary like pics), myspace (the usual), facebook and their really not up to date twitter..