And I told you to be patient,
And I told you to be fine,
And I told you to be balanced,
And I told you to be kind,

After spending the past two years in turmoil, where we couldn’t make YUM YUM happen. Now we are back to go on a monthly regular date at Ampere. We feel deeply motivated to make our own exclusive YUM YUM tunes, now more than ever. We are really looking fwd to seeing everyone that is really joyful, happy and simply glad to have some positive energy and fun in his life – or with us on the dancefloor ;) That’s what we have always been about, not some musical genre. No sir, its about giving and sharing positive energy.

brandnew YUM YUM version:

You can keep all the music that we have shared over the years, we do not care – it’s about right now and right “wherever you are” lol. Hopefully we will see you on friday. (RSVP on Facebook) Make sure to bring a friend and it’s the happy, smiling faces that always motivated us to do YUM YUM, so here we are, after two years of a wild ride, back to do what we are here for. Check out our previous mixtapes to get a feel again and maybe get a bit excited… I know I am :)

So glad to be joining the turntables with my favourite partner Max, who out of everyone (maybe except Schu from Blumentopf and Schowi) understood what this all is about. Like I wrote above, about sharing positive energies and having a massive dance. To nice up the vibe, not brush up one owns own ego. So make sure to pack some friends, grab your partner, bring a smile and be in for some proper niceness and a really loving dance.

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