YUM YUM Berlin is here – Sat Nov 29th @ Scala


Yes its finally taking off in Berlin on Saturday Nov 29th as a steady party – where my people Schowi, Ben Mono & Palina will be running ish. They are also the djs for the night with the slight exception of me and the second floor being Berlins “Cany Club” by good buddy San Gabriel & lovely Miss Emily aka Lily Flip. Let’s see how well things will run in Berlin @ Scala. I reckon this to be one of the nicest places in the entire city and since Schowi and Ben Mono are taking part in it, who are both YUM YUM veterans, it couldn’t be in better hands. So here’s a tune that just fits that whole vibe:



***just a quick note: YUM YUM is not a fixed conecpt with a static idea of how things have to be. It is wide open and changes and undergoes evolution like every other breathing thing and so it deserves to be revolutionized, according to requirements. Since its a healthy, breathing idea which long ago became a meme with a life of its own it deserves to be treated respectfully. this is the right spot and these the right people for a YUM YUM in Berlin.