So, we finally did it! After many requests to have all our Mixtapes in good Audio quality (CD quality in WAVs, AIFs, 320 MP3s or even FLACs) we went back and remastered all 14 of them (there is a Vol 2 1/2 :) to bring them to you. Since the Mixtapes are all in CD quality  the files are about 500mb per Mixtape! The regular Mixtapes (128 kbit & about 50mb) are all still available For Free as always in our YUM YUM Mixtape section. Ps if you decide to download it make sure to get it as high quality mp3 (320 kbit) or elese it will clog up your space. Big files for them big tunes:)

Download the Complete YUM YUM Mixtape Collection on Chrome Music’s Bandcamp Mastered & in High Quality.