yum yum mix max

The year is coming to its end. Slowly but surely. Leaves are falling down, the sun is getting tired by fighting against all this rainy clouds so we see her hardly. My granny would say: “there is no bad weather there is just bad clothes!” And she is so absofuckinglutely right. And here is the point, I am actually not complaining about the weather (the german national sport), i am just complaining about the consequences out of this situation. People are turning into couch potatoes (myself included) and grumpy cats. There is no life at the streets anymore, nobody takes a look to the sky and everyone is covering his couch potato shape with black, grey and black again.

But after all this grumpy cat talk here some good news: Our closest YUM YUM friend and DJ Max Mausser made the best medicine for all of us. 20 min YUM YUM sound, 20 min full of heat and beats to get up and move your lazy a** :) Enjoy the mix and join us next Saturday in Munich at our YUM YUM Party.