As a little celebration and in anticipation of our upcoming YUM YUM Party in Munich next Saturday we have re-released some of our most recent Mixtapes as simple One Click Downloads. You like it, you grab it. Or get them all ;) Hope this will brighten up your day and maybe give you hours of joy & fun, as it did to us, when we were mixing, remixing and recording them. Enjoy and see you in a bit :)

YUM YUM Preheat Reggae Mix by Max Mausser:

YUM YUM Lover’s Mood mixed by Marki:

YUM YUM Summer Break mixed by Chrome:

YUM YUM Top Tunes Mix by Marki:

YUM YUM Classics Mix by Chris Burton:

A little YUM YUM Warmup Mix by Pretty Boy D-Nice:

Official YUM YUM Mixtape Vol 13 mixed by Chrome: