YUM YUM this Friday may 19th and on Saturday in Nrw

Sokay, the server our site is running on/ with has been hacked so the site
has been down for 2 – almost 3 days. Well the server has been fixed
and from what i heard everythings back to normal again.
Yes, i receeived enough emergency mails informing me about the obvious –
thank you nonetheless and especially thanks for your concern aka showing
me that you care. Updates will be coming in smoothly from this week on.
Brand new YUM YUM about to take place – this Friday the 19th and oh my
Tand is coming down for the first time to deejay at YUM YUM Munich –
That’s the guy running YUM YUM Nrw. Be in for a treat and alot of unheard mixes,
also rest assured that this time you will get to hear this months YUM YUM top tunes,
and I sure won’t be missing this time due to being sick – I promise that being one in two dozen times and it won’t happen anytime soon. So this Friday the Deejays are Chrome and introducing (my partner from up north) Tand. You are in for a ride…
And Saturday it’s me and Tand heading back to Nrw to due our duty on Staurday.