YUM YUM this Saturday in Munich

Sat, October, 23rd 2010
Puerto Giesing (via Google Maps)
Chrome // Max Mausser
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Another massive night ahead of us, before we turn off the lights in PG. Yes that location is no more in a month or so this is almost our final time there, i think we have one more to go before that things over, and we are glad to move on to another spot after that. Keep your bones moving is what it is. Just in the midst of getting things sorted with Registratur & Cruxx (who are part of YUM YUM anyways – in case you didn’t know).

Since we changed our music policy for good, and sharpened our YUM YUM sound we are all having much more fun. Just ask Max Mausser, Not:fx or me – you can probably tell just by the sheer smiley faces you now suddenly see us with, lol. So i namedropped the djs for Saturday… well i can have you rsvp to the party on facebook and then tell you how to get there and i guess thats about it… but wait no, one more story i have to tell you quickly: i was to see mark ronson play yesterday, it was real late and somehow i made it there just in time to hear him play a most enjoyable set. place was packed, a lot of our peoples were there and everybody ( i mean everybody) told me that they couldnt tell the difference from a YUM YUM party. And i have to agree, this guy has the same musical taste as we – i mean 1 : 1 ! Even the order of the songs and breaking sets, changing tempos etc.. i had a laugh. not trying to put ourselves up there with mark ronson who won a zillion grammys, but funny enough this guy could be one of us.. now i like him even more – and in celebration of that here is one of this months YUM YUM top tunes by mark ronson.


Mark Ronson & the Business intl ft Q-tip- “Bang_Bang_Bang”