Notice how music in general is getting nicer and more positive?

Like i said Pharrell is gonna be all over again. And rightfully so. Happy is No 1 tune in the States right now, even though a year old, and that’s why i added our 6 months old remix to this months Top Tunes. And what i really like is that music in general is moving away from the depressed, aggressive, lifeless and sterile sounds of the past few years towards our YUM YUM sound. Styles and sounds move in cycles so we are right now getting back to the sound that YUM YUM started with. Funky, happy, empowering, uplifting music. On ChromeMusic i used to call this sound “Nice” so obviously loads of copycats came along left and right and started calling their mimickery nice, while they had no clue as to what that really meant (like watching a porn flick and calling it love). But why stop calling it what it is? It is nice music, when playing it you ‘nice up’ the dance, and some tunes are so nice you have to play them twice.

Pharrell knows what that is about. Being happy and giving positive energy.

About playing music for yourself and your friends that you’ll love to celebrate to and go ape shit to. Stuff that you’d play on a beach, out in the open, and that you’ll dance barefoot to in a garden…

Even the guy who’ ll never win an Oscar agrees and salutes this noticeable turnaround in music.

Hope you enjoy this selection as much as Pharrell & fluffy bear do.

Ps Whenever i think of things disappearing i always wonder “Whatever happened to my topfriend Tom”?

Enjoy this month Top Tunes selection & Follow the links for Free DLs!

So until next month, with the next part in our almost ten year old YUM YUM Top Tunes selection! See ya!