This Saturday: YUM YUM Ingolstadt Birthday Bash

One year ago the first YUM YUM party took place in the city of Inglewood.
Of course, that is a reason to have a huge birthday bash at Club Maki!
In the meantime YUM YUM Ingolstadt developed and we experienced a lot of support by all of you. To celebrate all of this we invited DJ Chrome himself, who’ll be there the first time, together with Dan Gerous.
Noone else would be better to once again show you the vibe of YUM YUM and have a great party.
Happy Birthday!

[haiku url=”″ title=”Beenie Man – Swagga-Bigi Ka$a-(Dancehall-Club)” graphical=”true”]
Beenie Man – Swagga-Bigi Ka$a-(Dancehall-Club)

Please RSVP to the event and join the group on Facebook.