One of the best movies ever and a tremendous playlist. It seems to me that while the world and old media (yes i count classic centralized social media as well) is occupied with Miley Cirus and other banal degenerates, a parallel split society has evolved from the depths of the net – guided by the freedom and non-pc attitude of older video games. They have their own decentralized taste in music and style and have a completely opposing culture, that i always found more attractive since it’s honest, rational and more stylish than anything that’s out there and is rooted in dank a$$ shit. This playlist is another proof of how cool that whole style is. I wouldn’t call it scene bc that would be measuring it in normie terms – and anything normie sucks.

“Diabolic blood drinking transdimensional parasitic aliens are trying to take over the planet. Only one man can save humanity from its total annihilation… To the rescue – in Neo Tokyo.

Found via Scrimps

by doug416