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Marvin Gaye sings german

Wow, Marvin sings one of his classics in german. Its even better than stevie in italian, but hey its Marvin. have fun, that one really made me smile, even though it sounds exxtra cheesy in german, the language known to man (thx to Justin Bieber) as “we dont say that in America” lol


Marvin Gaye “Wie schoen das ist”

A soul gem by one of the people who defined soul music.Found via dutchdolls.blogspot.com

For the djs and mp3 handyman, Instrumental + Acapella of the original:

Marvin Gaye – How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You (instrumental)

Marvin Gaye – How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You (Acapella)

Kelis “Acapella” Rmx by Ming & Chiddy Bang

Absolutely necessary rmx of Acapella, the already huge Kelis anthem, which is again bigger in the uk than in germany, even though its more dancefloor oriented than most of these dance/hip hop crossover tunes these days, people somehow find it difficult to come to terms with this tune, even though Kelis gets full support from everyone in the music buisness Рfrom djs to radio jocks Рbloggers etc, simply cause all she put out so far was diverse and had class. This ones no different, the much appreciated remix by our buddies Chiddy Bang  and Ming (one half of Ming + FS) will surely be a door opener for this tune and for Kelis new album and style in general. @ all music bloggers РUse our picture its yours, you wont find a pic googling it.

Its like Chiddy says: “I’m what the kids were missing, like a dread beat!”