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WIN! : XV – Popular Culture [Download Full Mixtape] /// #OccupyMusic [Free Single]

chromemusics favourite rapper right about now, has to be XV with already a mean bunch of stellar tunes under his belly but still underrated – we need to change that. Seriously, lyricwise this dude stole summer with his latest mixtape. In anticiption of his ‘official’ EP release “Awesome” on June 26th he released this Mixtape as a (i guess) teaser, you know how it goes… but this ones real hot and makes all the other mixtapes and pre-releases pale in comparison. guys like B.o.B, Schoolboy Q, Emilio Rojas, Slim The Mobster give him a little assistence on the mic. i’m putting this on right now and am listening to it.. again and again… DOWNLOAD the FULL MIXTAPE here.

More XV on chromemusic and definitely much more coming and also i am gonna post all his old material, almost everythings postworthy.

As usual, here are a couple of my favourites:


XV – Andy Warhol ft Slim The Mobster [Prod By The Awesome Sound]


XV – Her Favorite Song ft Raja [Prod By The Awesome Sound]

“the world ended, didn’t you get the memo”


XV – Zombieland Rule 32 ft Irv Da Phenom [Prod By The Awesome Sound]

PSPSPSPSPSPSPSPS – Other cats normally put all those tunes on their Mixtapes that don’t make it on their Albums. XV got tunes that didn’t make it on his Mixtape! And its one of th sweetest tunes out there.


XV – OccupyMusic ft. Raja [prod. by The Awesome Sound]