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#Premiere : Ekat Bork – Red Sektor [Video]

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“Ekat found love. She found music. She found an outlet for her anger, her passion, her uniqueness, her love of people, her desperation, her explosive sensuality. She found collaborators that understood her needs. She found audiences that needed her. She wrote and recorded one remarkable album, “Veremillious” and sucked up the knowledge to make an even better one, one that fully expressed her oblique outlook on the world, “yasДyes”.

It is not easy listening. It is not meant to be. It is coming soon. Her tour will follow.”

Check out this stirring video of the first Single ‘Red Sektor’ on her 2nd Album that will come out on October this year. Meanwhile listen to the previous album on Soundcloud and make sure to follow Ekat Bork !
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Mr. Lif – Let Go (feat. Selina Carrera)

Mr. Lif steady delivers quality boom bap infused hip hop, but always with a new kind of flavour to it and thats what i like on his songs. Selena Carrera brings the rafrain’s vocals. “Let Go” is the third (and in my opinion the strongest) single taken from his upcoming album “Don’t Look Down”, to be released on April 15th via iTunes.

B.B. & The Underground Kingz – The Trill Is Gone (Prod. by Amerigo Gazaway)

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Guess what popped up in our mailbox today ?! Exactly! Amerigo Gazaway delivered again and it tastes exactly what we’ve subconsciously expected it will.Very nice, can’t pick a fav right now! This time it’s a blues infused conceptional album released via Soul Mates Records on Bandcamp and on top of that it’s a #FreeDownload, so get it as long as it is hot. Keep up the great work you’re doing (incl. every musician and person surrounding and inspiring you). Beautiful piece of art!

Free Download http://bit.ly/1LiUv4B

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Stream the entire album (18 Tracks):

Breakbot – Back For More

Update 09/25* Now as Free Download available :)

After three years Breakbot is back and is going to release his new album ‘Back For More’ in 2016 and we’re really looking forward to this. That’s what he’s saying about his upcoming album:

“The inspirations of this new album swing between californian music from the 70s and 80s and disco-funk – from Curtis Mayfield to Prince and Michael Jackson.”

Breakbot on Soundcloud ::: Twitter