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new talent: Mara Hruby – From Her Eyes EP


words by chrome: it just me or is music undergoing an epic transformation? and i do not mean, the emergence of different styles or new so called genres, but i feel like music in general, with all the new emerging artists, is more and more becoming like the sound we have been playing at YUM YUM ever since we started. Its has finally become more about feeling and emotion and good vibes, not images, roles and imaginary characters, that have a bitter, artificial taste after you have ‘consumed’ them and their music, or other silly temporary clichees. Its simply about doing something,  basically anything you feel like out of inner inspiration, and mostly if you do it out of the good selfish reasons, like doing it for yourself, for the fun of it – with or without the acceptance of the outside world, you cannot go wrong – you will do something good, bc you are not chasing an ideal, participating in a rat race, or trying to be as efficent as possible.

Here is another new artist that feels like love. She is there and she will do her thing with or without you, and thats what non manipulative music is all about. It is simply there without the need to convince you, that listening to it will somehow enhance your self esteem or make you part of some elite clique. The vibes and frequencies of selfless music far surpass all worldly longings. Its will not dazzle you or put a spell on you, it will simply add to the fun you are already having.

Enjoy Ms Mara Hrubys music


Mara Hruby – Alright


Mara Hruby – Is This Love

To Download her full EP “From her eyesClick Here.

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