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Too Little (Too Late) by Fun While You Wait

This is a sweet little tune, with a lot of obvious and predictable lyrics, but seriously the singer is just sweet, and the horns kill it for m, with that retro swing, indie school band feel – super sweet. Don’t let me get into the lyrics, bc normally i really dislike the predictable and obvious stories i keep hearing from predictable people. But i stopped listen to lyrics some time ago, bc semantics can be infectious (read Terrence McKenna) and just pay attention to the “feel of songs”. This tune has a very lively one  – and what i really like this song for is the gypsy feel it gives me, that speaks to my gypsy soul. Thank you for the music. Pls follow via:

1955 – The Big One (Official Music Video)

Huge video, not really disturbing or overdone with subliminal satanic and masonic messages like the rest of pop music these days, but i like my music videos, the way my YouTube channels are when they show how TV shows are on CNN, NBC & co. Fake and staged. Looks like a good topic for a song. Solid groove and solid track. Dig it!

The Fall by Loyal Lobos 

Missed indie tracks that sounded like this a lot, there simple are not enough out there. There used to a golden age for these kind of songs and i am happy to have found this little gem. Enjoy while it last and welcome Loyal Lobos, hailing from Colombia!

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