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Out Of Drugs by KelsyKarter

This track is lyrically so much on point and nails the current, modern destabilized relationship status of modern society so much. The way Kelsey comes across is as somewhere between Lana Del Rey and a grande dame of 60s music. The entire retro sound design feels like a window to the the past where we get to witness time travelling Amy Winehouse meeting with Lana Del Rey and they trying to recreate a Nancy Sinatra song. Well done Kelsey!

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Erica by Zalon 

Sweet Soul Music.

This is what they had to say about their single:

Zalon, the main backing artist and collaborator with Amy Winehouse just has released his Album and first single ‘Erica’ – to a sold out gig in London. Erica is about a woman who is untrustworthy whose giving Zalon the run around but she should just be true and honest with herself.

Amy Winehouse Lioness: Hidden Treasures

Amys posthumous album will be out in December and goes by the name of ‘Hidden Treasures’. It’s a collection of several unreleased tracks, recorded throughout the last few years and compiled by producers Salaam Remi and Mark Ronson. I still love her voice and can’t wait for the release to come so let’s have a short look at the album cover, the tracklist and listen to one song.

1. ‘Our Day Will Come’ (Reggae Version) (Recorded: May 2002)
2. ‘Between the Cheats’ (Recorded: May 2008)
3. ‘Tears Dry’ (Recorded: November 2005)
4. ‘Wake Up Alone’ (Demo) (Recorded: March 2006)
5. ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow’ (Recorded: September 2004)
6. ‘Valerie’ (Demo) (Recorded: December 2006)
7. ‘Like Smoke’ (Ft. Nas) (Recorded: May 2008)
8. ‘The Girl from Ipanema’ (Recorded: May 2002)
9. ‘Halftime’ (Recorded: August 2002)
10. ‘Best Friends’ (Recorded: February 2003)
11. ‘Body and Soul’ (With Tony Bennett) (Recorded: March 2011)
12. ‘A Song for You’ (Recorded: Spring 2009)


Amy Winehouse feat. Nas – Like Smoke