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Great Art Blog “Annina.fr” and so much, much more, by one of our very own yum yum cofounders

Fruits from annina roescheisen on Vimeo.

Annina who is one of my dearest friends and YUM YUM founders, (she was there right when it all started and actually was also responsible for a lot of input, for a lot of the styles and a lot of great ideas), who now lives in Paris for a few years has finally started her own blog – www.annina.fr– its about Contemporary & Modern Art, Exhibitions her music and all other things related. Coming from the heart of Paris, Annina is quite personal, honest and from deep within and thats just what a blog is supposed to be, i gave it a look for a few weeks before putting it online, cause i wanted to see if this was an ongoing endeavour, but hey – i am quite hooked, so here you go or voila > check out Anninas page and please make sure to check out her video section. Amazing material! The music posted is quite touching and so you can tell where she is coming from, and how this is a progress in each and every way. Her eyes are wide open – Welcome Cinderella!

If i was to do a music video for any of my music, Annina & her folks would be the only people i would ask. The quality is amazing and there is a definite unique feel to it and that feel is her own self, which she now no longer minds sharing with everyone. Lovely! Have fun with her site! You might learn something… but you will definitely have fun.

PS Please share this website and spread the word. Thank you all!!

W have spent so much time together and here is one of her favourite tunes and a YUM YUM classic (i think we used to listen to the instumental in some long nights). Just because you are who you are, we are reconsidering doing YUM YUM in Paris. Thank you


Common – Testify (Radio Edit)


Common – Testify (Instrumental)