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Super Cat got me into Dancehall


Dont get scared off by the album cover.

I rememeber buying this album at a 2nd hand store a reeeeaaaal looong time ago. We are talking 91 or so and ever since i was hooked on Dancehall. Long before the days of Sean Paul there was another artist who sounded just like him or vice versa and the 3 albums i have of this man sound sweet today as they did upon first hearing them. A friend of mine from J.A. told me that all Indian Rastas sounded like him they had the same kind of delivery and style (by indian i mean as in Sanskrit or Bollywood). Some of the few positive by-products of the Commonwealth. This guy is outstanding – to me – and i wish to share him with you. I don’t know what he is doing these days or what he is up to, but w/o him all this Sean Paul/ Reggae mania would have never happened. Enjoy these fine tunes – next week i’ll introduce you to another one of his albums. Jah run things. lol


Super Cat – Jah Run Things


Super Cat – Love Got A Hold


Super Cat – Chalice A Lick

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