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This Saturday: YUM YUM Würzburg

This Saturday YUM YUM again is going to make everybody dance at the Kamikatze in Würzburg!
Our fellow hosts Henk & Blitzer will be there celebrating with you and supporting you with good YUM YUM like tunes as well as our special guest – Dan Gerous from Munich.
We are very pleased to meet him again and are eagerly awaiting Saturday’s blast.

[haiku url=”http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/Kanye-West-feat.-Slum-Village-Selfish-PoB-Edit.mp3″ title=”Kanye West feat. Slum Village – Selfish (PoB Remix)” graphical=”true”]
Kanye West feat. Slum Village – Selfish (PoB Remix)

Please RSVP to the event and join our group on Facebook.