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Download full album: “Jay-Z @ Studio One” mashed up by Soulforce

This albums a free download by the Soulforce crew that dates back to 2007 and it is exactly what the title implies – Jay-zs vocals meet Studio One, but these guys just recently put it online and someone (possibly them?) sent me a message to post it. So, i know a few of our guys like them a good reggae set and some jay-z, no matter how over-remixed (is that a word?) that album is/was. A couple of good versions on here some well known, a bit dated but ÜBERclassic reggae riddims. Here is my favourite one, but i wished the remixes were a bit more vivid and had more breaks or the producer had put more effort on arranging them instead of pure blending. This album was just remixed too often for my ears. Other than that the albums good to go. Anways, forget my opinion: here you go, grab the full download over here.


SoulForce – Dirt Off Your Shoulder

last YUM YUM Berlin in 2009 this Saturday ∆ Picknick

Bild 66

This is it folks the place to be this Saturday if you are anywhere near and in Berlin – and if you dont know this spot – don’t bother. Here are some tunes and edits that fit the YUM YUM sound in Berlin, hand selected by my man Schowi. The Flyers simply nice. Its the YUM YUM Berlin 1 year anniversary, cause thats about the time when we officially landed, even though we have been around – but with a city like Berlin – you need to time and play it all right and if not well you are mediocre or less in a matter of days – thats why this is another fine selected setup. Really looking forward to this joint.

Ps the lineup is like a who is who of the people who define the city these days. incl main lady Palina Power, One of the Sick Girls, Bianca Checker and so on – these ladies know to throw a proper party and are pure eye candy besides being (street)smart. Simply peoples i like having dinner with. just lovely – RSVP to the party on Facebook


Green Velvet feat. Ying Yang Twins & Kid Sister – Everybody Wants To Whisper (Bass ill Euro Blend)


Hot Chip feat. Pitbull – Shake It Over And Over (Diplo Blend)


Hot Chip – One Life Stand


Vampire Weekend feat. Kid Cudi – Cudderisback

New blends from Emynd

Our drinking buddy Emynd from Philly, who was playing in munich this september, has a series of edits he is putting out on his blog called lunch break beats. We think that these two blends right here suite perfect to our YUM YUM sound and that is why I already played both of them, together with DJ Anonymous, last friday and you guys seemed to like it. Emynd is really aspiring right now as he is constantly putting out new material and we are on the way to combine our forces. Check his blog crossfadedbacon.com for his latest material. More to come soon.


Rihanna – Disturbia (Emynd’s Finally Blend)


T-Pain – Believe It (Emynd’s Bookshelf Blend)