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REWiND! now online and back as a party this week

Rewind, a party that we started a few years back, but disappeared bc of lack of locations is back! Not only as a party but also as a full fledged music blog dedicated to the brandnew & the golden hip hop music, that can be found right here – or just remember the Url – its rewindrewind.com. Its supposed to be the latest edit in our network of music blogs (others are bklyn.de , topfriendmusic.com and of course us, chromemusic). Well the website and the party is run by one of my former employees, back in the days, when i owned and ran a record shop in the midst of the city. He should be well known since Dj Scream is and was a houseold name in the hip hop community, and even in these post-electro days of revivied hip hop parties, he pretty much stands out as the crowd rocker. So whom better to trust with this one but someone i used to trust on running my shop? And you can very much tell from the selection of tunes posted on the rewind music blog where he is gonna take all that. I dig the selection mucho and from what i feel this might just be the non-imported hip hop party the city needs.

The first night is gonna go down this friday @Puerto Giesing, where they are gonna rebuild the stage and the entire dancefloor, to just make that place a bit smaller and more cozy, since its now run at a 1000 folks capacity. The decks are run by Scream and Swist, whom i reckon to be the best one of the young up and coming hip hop djs, nationwide. All of 0711 is backig this guy and its a pleasure to have him back in town, after he killed it on NYEs eve in munich.

RSVP to the party on facebook and or join their group to get some party updates and  i think they are gonna take good care of the music, since their dedication runs deep.


this song used to kill it for me, back in the days. feelds good to hear it on a a proper club pa.


Pacewon – Any Champion (Ft. Dj Revolution) (Original)

More on our blog network soon enough.