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Bunji Garlin – Differentology (Edgard Mile Remix)

edgar mile chromemusic

There’s this one typical German behaviour: Complaining and commenting the weather all the time. I usually try to avoid this topic as it is too cold here for me anyway no matter how brave the sun is shining and how nice it might be at one day. Just 2 months of real summer is definitely insufficient. We had this jesus holiday thing going on over the last weekend and while raining cats and dogs outside I’ve spent my time binge watching Netflix. You might get me in what mood I’ve been yesterday. And here it is again – why I do love my job: Damir of TVG sent me this new remix by Edgard Mile. Similar to his last remix we had up on CM you press play and become uplifted instantly. The modern easy house charme fits perfectly with the soca style of the original. Thank you Damir and Edgard for this…guess what, tons of work and meetings today and the sun is shining again when there is no time to enjoy it. *rolling with the eyes smiley*

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