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Buy or Cry… Biggest Fashion Sale Munich’s ever seen

Hey to all the fashion victims out there… yeah you… and you… and… yeah …you, too.

Dialated pupils, foam at the mouth, a nervous tremor… the darwinist principale may not be as obvious as on any rummage table of the annual sale -massacre. To execute the “survival of the fittest” with style that is the essence of what this is all about. Simply put:

the stakes are high for the first “buy or cry” sale .

You’re invited to the biggest, finest and most flabbergasting sale that Munich’s seen so far. Feel free to spend the rest of your hard earned christmas allowance on fashion, accessories, furniture and all that other stuff that we don’t really need (optional: concentrated consumption). No running around  through cold and packed streets, no cursing @ the discount crazyiness…

There’s more than 50 Labels, Boutiques and Fashion Stores in one place (2200sf)…

Sounds good to you? Well then join us from the Feb 4th till the Feb 7th @ this lovely Off-Location.

There’s gonna be a selected Bar, a fabolously selected Foodcourt and selected Dj’s who are gonna be spininning even more selected music to make you feel… Good? Free? Happy? Something like that for sure…

P.s. Watch out for Feb 6th: YUM YUM is in town again and will turn your concentrated consumption into concentrated dancing… WESC is gonna support the Party big time, so watch out for some free stuff!!!

Have a great week, SUPER ROOKIE (of Erosie)

[audio: http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/I-am-not-from-France-Cagedbabys-Mix.mp3]

Don Diablo – I am not from France (Cagedbaby’s Mix)