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WAIT! by Common Deer 

Lovely folk rock singer songwriter gem that these sweet folks at Common Deer composed and sent my way. Give it a spin, i’ll guess you’ll like it as much as i do. Kinda sounds like an everyday mantra, when you are working online “There is no time to waste”. What i especially like about it, is that it sounds honest and has a bit of an 80’s & 90’s feel to it, w/o ignoring todays zeitgeist. Maybe not musically but the songwriting sounds like a song from that era when everything was pretty clear and obvious, and there was no hiding and nothing to be ashamed of. They deliver a solid rock track and mean it – at least as far as i can tell. Welcome Common Deer, you guys made my day with this tune!

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Vandelux – Bright Lights [Free Download]


Guess what popped up in our mailbox? Right – new material by Vandelux. “Bright Lights” marks his first original release including his very own vocals which i haven’t realized on my first listen. The style differs a bit from his already known releases, but i have to admit that i like every single bar. This is what the young Canadian himself has to say about his latest release:

My original intention was to keep the track super mellow from start to finish but I ended up with some pretty gritty synths that I couldn’t resist working into the breakdowns. The second breakdown was originally pretty hardcore but after losing a bunch of work in a program crash I was left with about half of the breakdown I started with. Surprisingly, the accidental de-clutter gave the track some room to breathe and it actually sounded a lot better than where I had it originally, so I just kept it. Actually, I learn a lot from accidents.

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***photo by Sandrick Mathurin from motardslibertins ***

favourite track:

XV – Swervin Lunice Remix



first off… i like this man and his music… a lot, it sounds fresh, its definitely charming, has quite a soulful feel to it and its on constant replay at my house. although a couple of heads might know him and he has played at some nameful places (boiler room, sonar festival..), Lunice from Canada is actually still an open secret and a new name to the general public – so let this be an introduction to the ones that have never heard of him. way too many words… as always let the music speak for itself. and what unique music this is.

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Buy ‘Lunice – Stacker Upper EP’ here

in my opinion we are dealing with a beatmaker extraodinaire who is at the same time a likeable guy and a fun cat to see live, and his music has got me wide open. definitely expect more of him on chromemusic. he is a pure WIN for a new generation

Lunice’ Remix Work

Deerhunter – Helicopter Diplo & Lunice Mix


Ryan Leslie ft Cassie – Addiction (Lunice remix)


GS Boyz – Stanky Legg Lunice Remix


Kid Cudi – Day and Night Lunice Rmx


Video: Lunice: The Stacker Upper

LUNICE : The Stacker Upper from SHOT BY JFK on Vimeo.

LUNICE : The Stacker Upper from SHOT BY JFK on Vimeo.

Lunice’ Tracks

Lunice – Africa 2046


Lunice – Out of Touch


Lunice & The Jealous Guys – Bus Stop Jazz


Tokimonster, Lunice & Swede-art – Alpenglow