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This Saturday: D&B is coming home

Besides all of us watching an all German Champions League final this Saturday together this is another dream that has been long in the making. I haven’t played d&b in a club in soemthing like 12 years. And with all these amazing d&b tune popping out of nowhere i think that music i about to make a huge comeback. With the people being sensibilzed by trap music a lot of dubstep, i see more and more people on the floor longing for proper uptempo music with a drive and force behind it and cheering it to the fullest when a d&b tune drops. Pretty much everywhere i go i see the same scenario – you drop a d&b tune and the crowds in a frenzy. But not those d&b tunes that we came to know as the iconica d&b tunes, but the more musical ones send people on the brink of losing it and the sheer one two step behind it that keeps the dance going plus there is and always has been a drop for the kids :) I think d&b finds the ableton aesthetics of today this could very well be the next new/old thing. And when that happens I hope the marketers and mangers find another new name for the same thing to bore me even more. Ps Until then this Saturday i’ll team up with one of the greats and a man that has made proper musical history. Ps here is a little recent roundup of Peshay & here is the RSVP.

PS that night is gonna be wild, save for the football alone :)