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Chew Fu Roundup

Finally, it’s the last week of my exams for the summer term at the university of Munich (two more to go & I’m done!), so by the next week I can at last engage in my favourite hobby (searching for fresh music). Until then I don’t want you to be in a fix (besides all the great tracks by Chrome, Max, Tand & Irving!), so I got you a small roundup (yeah, again…) of new (ok, just slightly new – I’m just too busy right now) and old “Chew Fu” remixes, tracks & edits.
As chance would have it, my last exam must be written at saturday and there’s gonna be even a YUM YUM that night. No doubt that’s the best occasion to celebrate this circumstance with my fellow students and you folks out there! Moreover I hope I’m going to see the first fans wearing the new YUM YUM tees!
Enought talk, let’s start with Chew Fu’s best remix!


1. Wiley feat. Daniel Merriweather – Cash In My Pocket (Chew Fu Small Room Fix)


2. Esmee Denters – Love Dealer (feat. Justin Timberlake) (Chew Fu Extended Mix)


3. Master Shortie – Dead End (Chew Fu Refix)


4. Yolanda Be Cool and DCUP – We No Speak Americano (Chew Fu Rosetta Stone Fix).mp3


5. Chew Fu & Steve Clisby – Purple Rain (Prince Cover)


6. Kerli – Tea Party (Chew Fu Espresso Fix)


7. I Blame Coco – Self Machine (Chew Fu Robotix Fix)


8. The Doors – People Are Strange (Chew Fu D&G Fix)


Another week with nothing else than average tunes and no mentionable new albums but an incredible heat wave all over the globe. So I decided to get over the silly season with a  collection of my personal Top 8 songs to dance through hot summer nights (partially similar to Max idea). All of them a rather old (no new songs are included), but they somehow fit the mood of the season & the hot summery temperatures due to their titles or content (except “Come Over” – I just like this song!). Besides that, you can get a little taste of the upcoming YUM YUM tonight since the one or other track is certainly “YUM YUM-approved”.

So here you go with nice tunes by Saukrates, Nappy Roots, Anthony Hamilton, Matt & Kim, Snoop Dogg etc.


1. Saukrates – Hot Like Summer


2. Greg Street feat. Nappy Roots – Good Day


3. Estelle feat. Estelle – Come Over


4. Kanye West – Good Life (Silk Remix)


5. Anthony Hamilton ft. David Banner – I’m Cool


6. Matt & Kim – Daylight (Troublemaker Remix feat. De La Soul)


7. Katy Perry feat. Yelle – Hot ‘N’ Cold (Yelle Remix)


8. Snoop Dogg – Cool (Chew Fu Fix)

Enjoy these tunes and try to cool down till the start of YUM YUM Munich tonight! It’s gonna be massive and certainly pretty damn hot, so all you girls out there better bring your shortest summer dress! See ya tonight!

The Streets

Mike Skinner is one of those guys in the business who`ve always been confronted with superficial opinions. As the British Hip Hop doesn`t sound like the stuff you know from the Billboard Charts, ignorant people, often degradet The Streets to simple Pop music. Skinner didn`t mind and kept it real, ’cause the only way to make honestly music is to make music you are really into, otherwise it`s crap. Thanks Mike Skinner for sentences like “Don’t give them what they think they want just give them what they need…” because you know what we really need.  Honesty.

[audio:http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/02-where_my_heart_has_been_ORIGINAL.mp3|titles=The Streets – Where My Heart Has Been]Thr Streets – Where My Heart Has Been

[audio:http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/Get-Out-Of-My-House-chew-fu-HH-fix.mp3|titles=The Streets – Get Out Of My House (chew fu H=H fix)]The Streets – Get Out Of My House (chew fu H=H fix)

visit the official Mike Skinner/The Streets blog

Soundgarden “Black Hole Sun” (Chew-Fu Rmx)



Love the original, remix is well prouced like a lot of Chews stuff. Gonna give this one plays. Just fits this years new vibe on the floors perfectly. It seems and hopefully it does move away from the straight techy sounds of last year. Great mix and fits a whole lot of different occasions, venues and parties.

Master Shortie “Dead end”

Hailing from London, this Uk rapper is one of the fresh faces. I first heard of this guy last october, didn’t have a proper mp3 to post and now that Chew-Fu took on the remixing duties (too bad i only received this in 128 kbit) – i think you should give it a listen. This is gonna get played, i like the teeny humour and the productions really on point. This is about what Hip Hop should sound like these day. Entertaining and modern. Need a proper mp3 to play it out loud… so hook me up.