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Cabu & Akacia – Gold [Free DL]

Cabu Gold chromemusic

Young Sydney-­based producer Cabu has teamed up with glassy­-sounding female vocalist Akacia on his first release off of Majestic Casual’s record label, Majestic Records for “Gold”. The final product combines elements of trap, steamed in a neat mix of spunky synths and orchestral strings which blend effortlessly together with Akacia’s silvery vocals.
Enjoy your weekend with this free DL > smarturl.it/cabugoldDL !

Cabu on Facebook ::: SoundCloud
Akacia on Facebook ::: SoundCloud

Patrick Zappia & Luca Chesney – Catch Me If You Can [Premiere]

lions head chromemusic

Self-realization. Individual freedom. Independence. The unfolding of your own self. The innovation of yourself… All these are goals that people are talking about these days. By these goals your personal success is being measured and for which the individual can enjoy the prestige & praise given by todays society. Like any other generation before mine, my generation is trying to be better than the one before. We want to shape our lives than our parents did. We are confronted by other circumstances in this world than our parents were. I don’t like my generation. And i don’t mean the people that i meet every day. I like the individuals and, and i like them very much. It’s the standards and demands of my generation which i have to please that i don’t like.

My aim should be to surpass people like Steve Jobs and do even better or take them as my standards? To laugh about facebook and google because i have come up with an even bigger & better innovation? My goal as an artist should be to not copy anything and to create something which hasn’t existed in this world before? Yes, these people and these aims exist in my generation and the wheels will keep on turning. Puuuh… all i can  say is that it simply sounds like a lot of work. And then there is life which is so damn short, which one has to live to the fullest, where one has to travel and learn languages to communicate with everyone. And then one has to raise 3 wonderful and carefree children, since this is the next generation and it has to be better than me and you. Those poor children…

“Only if you really love what you do, will you succeed and make money.” And this is what you do then. Turn your hobby into your job. Listening to music. Sharing music with people. Sharing love with people. Making artists happy by sharing their music and putting it “out there”. Welcome to ChromeMusic. Good to see you… Next is the point of no return. Suddenly your passion becomes the victim of your existence. Threatened by the dangers of not being able to afford your life. The magic gets lost in the process and your passion feels like an daily obligation, that you simply do not love anymore. It’s a duty to listen to music everyday. To find good music. The hundred new promo mails a day ask too much of you. Will i find something worth sharing or not? I do not know anymore…

But don’t worry, ths story has a happy ending. Like expected these days… Patrick Zappia reminded me why i love my job! Why my hoppy turned into a preofession. Showed me that there are people who really read our blog and genuinely interested. He thanked us and told me how happy he was that we shared his music with the world. The daily obligation turns back into passion and fun, because i could bring joy to a person on the other side of the globe, withour ever having spoken to him. And that is why i am premiering this song of his first EP more than gladly. And mostly because it’s brilliant material, like almost anything that i have heard from him. Enjoy “Catch me if you can” as much as i did. This is an artist on the rise, worth supporting.

And maybe he took the beat from soemone else. And yes, maybe Portishead’s music is better but that is in the eye of the individual and who am i to decide. But Patrick has created something unique, relized and created his own self. Mission accomplished. And this is why he gets recognition by people like me, since he loves what he is doing. Isn’t it so?

PS My goal is not to be cooler or more successful than Steve Jobs. My goal is to visit and meet all the other cool people and to get to know them. To enjoy life with them and discover the world…

Patrick Zappia on Soundcloud