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Gary Oldman reads from R. Kelly’s Autobiography Soulacoaster – EPIC [+ Top 10 Readings Rundown]

1. just Gary Oldman being awesome. “We’ll just let it do what it do”


2. Gary Oldmans rant against acting NBA athletes a few weeks back

3. Gary Oldman reads the Jersey Shore recap

4. Essential: Richard Dreyfuss reads the itunes EULA [1940’s Wochenschau German accent]

5. Christopher Walken reads Lady Gagas “Poker Face”. Too much Cowbell!!

6. Another one is –> John Hurt reading 50 Cents Memoirs

Oh and i almost forgot master thespian (had a hard time even writing this) & forever-ever Captian Kirk

7.  the great William Shatner performing Sarah Palins Tweets . Classic.

8. William Shatner reading Rihannas Umbrella

9. But it it all started for me with “Kanyes tweets with Grandma“. Man ninjas are kind of cool…. I just don’t know any

10. ÜBERVIDEO: Including All Time classics: Such as “Maaaaaan, whatever happened to my antique fish tank?” Josh Groban sings Kanyes tweets. —->>>>  #SHUTUPANDTAKEMYMONEY