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Must see movie “Collapse”


If you think Paranormal Activity was freightening, you haven’t seen this documentary yet. Not available anywhere in central europe so google it and put a “rapidshare.com/files” behind it.

I have been talking about this for some time now and getting on peoples nerves about it, but this thing (the peak oil) is taking place, no doubt about it. This is a guy who can see through the matrix but still you can argue about this or that – but its definitely a joy to listen to Michale Ruppert speak in his unpretionious, well educated and extremly well researched kind of way. AND i you are in the mood for more info read his latest piece “Something evil comes this way“go to — lifeaftertheoilcrash.net

or google Howard J Kunstler or go to my favourite blog ever: idleworm

Go see this thing…