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tonight Fetsum live @YUM YUM Dornbirn

This place, Conrad Sohm in Dornbirn, a place in the middle of nowhere, unknown to most, became the favourite spot for so many of our djs in no time at all, simply bc of the amazing kindness of the guy running the place and Fabio is a one of a kind guy, who runs a tasteful place with an attitude that serves the right stuff where you would expect it the least. Tonight¬† a new YUM YUM is going down at Conrad Sohm with Dan Gerous on the decks and a special live performance by our man Fetsum. The kindest and sweetest soul to ever raise his voice. Here is a video of Fetsum if you haven’t seen him around before.I can only repaet what iw rote here before. The man is a treat to your ears and it feels just good to be around him. Just positive vibes with him and his music. He is even playing at the SXSW festival in the states this year. He’s gonna go even more places with his earnestness. If you are anywhere in the area, go see my buddy and enjoy the sunshine :)