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YUM YUM Premiere in Austria (Innsbruck @ Blue Chip) this Saturday Jan 17th

Hands down, after being asked a million times (for the last 4 years) when we are finally gonna hit up Austria, here we finally are: We are gonna start out in Innsbruck as a monthly residency with the opening party taking place this Saturday Jan 17th@ Blue Chip. I really hope to see you all there, with all the peoples i know down there the place should be jam-packed within a second. I wanna see all the guys from Aesthetiker, Hot Zone, Method Mag and teh rest of the powder clout. We have loads of history together and go back way down memory lane. Guaranteed: we will have it jumping in no time at all with the guys on the wheels being Not:fx and local residents Wax Wreckaz crew. Free Mix-cds as long as the supply lasts. So spread the word and bring a  friend. The last time we hit up Austria (as guests) it looked something like this:

YUM YUM favourite:



Ps we are just finalizing the dates and construction YUM YUM in Vienna with my man Dj Beware. Stay tuned.

Diplo delivers the goods “Green Light rmx”

First offer in 2009 from Diplo and he managed to pull of a decent (haha) mix of John Legends & Andre 3000s otherwise rather unplayable track “Green Light”. Sounding very 80ies with a thick Miami Bass touch to it. I used to start out djing on Miami Bass so guess who is gonna have this tune on heavy rotation. Also much appreciated: the remixstarts out with the Andres vocals and the john Legend part gets a baile sounding break and beat-rework to make it listenable. Love John Legnds vocals and the original was one of his few tracks that simply didn’t cut it for me. Much appreciated Remix.



Wassup in 2008

There is a new version of the classic Budweiser spot.

In case you forgot about the old one, watch it first:

And here’s the one for 2008:

Plus a little wassup mania music from our fave teen rapper Rye Rye and the Crookers Remix.