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B – In da Club

One of Dr Dres all time heavyweight beats that ruled clubland in 03 or was it 04? Don’t know, but i catch myself getting back into this beat a lot lately. This was one of B’s first claims to the Boss B**** throne. Was never released except on a few mixtapes, even though it appeared on the billboard charts, but that was due to radio play and not sales. here ya go with this heavyweight interpretation


Beyonce – In Da Club [sexy lil thug]

Missing! Dr Dre

seriously there are a lot of genius things, tunes and beats around and out there at present but you just see how bananas people go when you drop one of these 2001 beats. thats actualy whats lacking in hip hop these days.. these powerful dre beats. and every producer in the world knows why dr dre will and is always used as a reference when it comes to production, mixing, mastering. so dr dre and his type of production is being missed. One of these classics is :


Dr Dre feat Knoc-turnal & Hittman – Bang Bang

some new Top Friend Tunes & Party this Thursday @ Erste Liga

Top Friend Party this Thursday @ Erste Liga with my buddies Stevie Mac (Manchester) & Not:fx (Schnitzengiggle) – Rsvp on Facebook

more dubstep crossover mayhem, that will fire up your african tech-step parties. hitting tune with a catchy roger troutman sample. Ps google Ruskos production for the upcoming MIA release.


Rusko- Da Cali Anthem _NONEWYORK Funky Refix MASTER

another great refix from Seiji – nice mellow build up until sheer niceness explodes. this mans work is great.


Better – Toddla T (Seiji’s Troubleadub)