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It’ll Never Be This Good by Eugene Marie

Don’t they just look like 2 magicians from a follow up show to Arrested Development? You will love this tune, it has a lost feel of times long gone by. I welcome this very very much. One of my favourites this week. And if u take a look at their visuals, covers and “artwork” it’s never trying to do very obvious and totally unnecessary brand building, they are humans first. They call themselves a pop duo, i’d say that’s only halfway true, they are good enough to be ultra popular and have a real mass appeal, but have too much class to be associated with what pop music stands for atm. Welcome Eugene Marie. I hear & enjoy your passion, hard work, fun and the sonic remedy you offer ;)

Elk Road – Not To Worry ft. Governors

Australian producer Elk Road with a dreamy chill-trap instrumental garnished with soaring vocals from Governors that ends in a percussive drop. Haven’t heard a thing from both of them until today but it seems to fit smoothly. This one instantly takes me away from the keyboard while i’m writing. Maybe cause it’s 3am over here in good cold munich. Probably it’s time to close my eyes…

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