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Eli & Eleven recap

Last friday we had an extraordinary night at Munich’s Cafe King with Eli Escobar & Eleven playing sets that were amongst the most entertaining I witnessed lately. These guys tour the world and we are happy that we managed to get them both on the same date. Thanks to everyone who supported us to set this up in the short term, the small dancefloor felt like a sauna and many realized that cafe king is becoming a welcome alternative in munich’s shrinking nightlife.

If you took any pictures at that night, feel free to mail them or post them on the facebook event wall.

We will back with a Top Friend special at Cafe King soon enough – on thursday, april 30th to be precise. More on that soon.

Photos by Ori Nero:

LAST MINUTE!!! Friday, April 17th Top Friend Special @ Cafe King (munich) w Eli Escobar, Dj Eleven (RUB) – and your friendly neighbourhoods Chrome & Not:Fx


Ps we ripped the flyer from a party we found online and effing loved it. its like sampling, ps2 thats what pirates do….

We have Djs extraordinaire : Eli Escobar & Dj Eleven as guest for our more or less forced spontaneous Top Friend Special at Cafe King.

You all remember Eleven when he and the rest of the RUB guys visited YUM YUM last year, and Dj Eli Escobar is no stranger to music lovers everywhere. The Ruba re ultimately the american counterpart to YUM YUM and Eli is the guy who does excellent remixes, edits for diplo, puts out releases on hollertronix, money lotion.

Eli Escobars blog – which is one of the favoured dj blogs worldwide and i really cant stress enough how good this guy is as a dj. Dj Elevens website – and his RUB Radio show on Brooklyn Radio.

For his stepvisit to Europe Joe came up with a special mixtape for us: Feel free to grab DJ Eleven’s European Vacation Mix via his website (direct link). Only for a limited time. Tracklist after the jump!

here are some of Elis and Elevens tracks, needless to say that you will know their tracks for a lot of them have been YUM YUM favourites for the longest:




shoulda-let-you-go- eli escobar



March 25th – DJ Benzi coming to town

We at chromemusic.de are working hard to bring you the people of whom we think are amongst the most entertaining and the most influential on the music scene right now. Just to give you a quick tease – we will present you DJ Benzi, Eli Escobar, DJ Eleven of ‘The Rub’, Emynd and Roxy Cottontail in the near future somewhere around in munich and germany. More on that soon here on chromemusic.de.

So this guy DJ Benzi will be in Munich on wednesday next week and we are able to present him at our new night called Sugoy! at munich’s P1. DJ Benzi is the master mind behind the Kanye West “Sky High Remix Project” and thus partly responsible for KW’s success in today’s remixer and producer scene – especially in blogs from all around the globe. SUGOY! and chromemusic.de present Benzi at Munich renown P1 for a first installment of a series of guest spinners.

Grab his quality mixes here – the ‘Motivation 2’ mix is still on heavy roatation on my iPod – and join the facebook event and our Sugoy! facebook group to be up to date with the latest news.

Btw a new Sugoy! mix by Ori and me will be online this week.