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120 min YUM YUM this Saturday in Munich + Live Accoustic Session by Fetsum!!!

This Saturday due to the christian holiday, we’ll have to close shop at 2am. Which means, doors will be open at 10pm. Make sure to show up early for the live show which will start at latest 11.30pm and last for a about a good hour, until we get into the YUM YUM sound for the remaining time, played with maximum pressure. The live show will be an accoustic set  by my man Fetsum, aka the Fetsum Duo consisting of an accoustic two piece band (vocals & accoustic guitar). Think Sweet Serenade on a very positive and soulful tip. Trust me, you are gonna love this. It doesn’t get more positive and uplifting than this. Ps check out his website to see what rave reviews he received for his recent Solo Album. So make sure to get your drink on and your hands in the air scenario will be compressed to about 120min + an amazing live show, that i had the pleasure of witnessing a few times before. Pure Sunshine!!! Fetsum::: website /// facebook /// itunes

PS more YUM YUM cities to follow very, very, very soon!

ps here he is, performing a Tracy Chapman cover. Good friend of mine, with open eyes and an open soul. He can see – those who know what i mean – know

Fetsum – Colours of Hope

Good good friend of mine and always a rock in this ever changing experience of life, Fetsum, released his solo effort entitled “Colours of Hope”. For years in the making and it has always been sparkling on the horizon, Fetsum finally did it. This really adds happiness on top of my happiness, to see a good man go his way. The Album has rave reviews by the Rolling Stone Magazine, NME and whole lot of french and Uk Mags, saying stuff like “best soul album of the year so far”. The songs are a heartwarming experience from a man whose music is all about love and not a single line that is meant to cause harm is spent on the entire album. To put it in other words, that a few will understand, this is a healing album shared with everyone. At times peculiar but very accessible bc of its general “feel good and enjoy life” vibe. Uplifting and empowering music if you let it. Watch the beautiful and human video below.

Below you will Fetsums tourdates for Germany, its him and his band so go check them out. As soon as his tour is over we will have him over with a trimmed down live show at a few YUM YUM Nights, and definitely before the end of the year. This man has our vibe. For more on Fetsum hit him up right here::: website /// facebook /// itunes

Ps go see him whenever you get the chance & good to have you doing your thing brother ;)

Colours of Hope Tour Dates 2012

September 23rd – Mainz @ Frankfurter Hof

September 25th – Mannheim @ Alte Seilerei

September 26th – Cologne @ Stadtgarten

September 28th – Munich @ Ampere

September 29th – Dresden @ Ostpol

September 30th – Stuttgart @ Wagenhallen

October 1st – Berlin @ Babylon

October 2nd – Hamburg @ Fabrik