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Hands Down!! Rolling in the deep – funk bbQ YUM YUM remix

I got so annoyed with the popularity of Adeles track and how overplayed and overremixed (it that even a word) that tune became in no time. But then, Paul played me this when i stopped by in the UK for a tea (not a clichee, i swear).

Seriously…. Hands down, best version of Adeles track, a funk summertime monster, thats creeping up on you and it grows with every listen. Produced by YUM YUMs own Paul, no samples involved in this one. Give it a minute till the bass kicks in and all those little variations give it that serious Soul/Disco stomp. Expect to hear it on friday and actually everywhere else i play, this ones guaranteed to get the dance started on some serious oldschool loft flavour. Heavy funk bassline pushing Adeles song to another plateu, sending all those millions of remixes (except jamie xx + heatwave) to the curve and creating something new. This is my favourite version so far!!!

Thanks Paul, great inspiration here and yes yes, Its a YUM YUM version!


Rolling in the deep – Funk BBQ YUM YUM Version