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The Golden Pony x Uplink – Feel Like You’re Drowning (feat. Dasha Akelin)

Another one by my favorite fellas, TGP, and again in the unbeatable combo with Dasha Akelin. I think as stated a few times before these fellas could very well in some time, go down the Chainsmokers route. But until then it’s just about having fun and releasing good tracks and mostly, i believe, experimenting, until they have their clear signature synths and effects. They definitely need even better songwriting, especially with such a beautiful voice as Dasha’s. Until then support them on every platform, but mostly Spotify cause this is the only place where it matters atm. Heads up here is TGP with another winner!

Before U Go (ft. Lauren Marie) by Tyzo Bloom

Solid pop tune, with a bit of a future feel by newcomer Tyzo Bloom. Good beat production and non stressful slow future bass laden electronic groove. His production sounds fresh although that style -the no more en vogue chopped/pitched vocal interplay – has been exploited to the death in 2017. Tyzo still manages to make his tune sound very very fresh. Good effort man!

Heartless – Fire & Ice by Heartless

By now i am so super tired and almost feel SJW like insulted personally by pitched chopped voices and that whole style, but then again every now and then along comes a tune, in this case, a regular pop tune, that simplifies it back to normal again, and makes it likeable on a pure musical level. Welcome Heartless.

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Spark (Ft. Dasha Akelin) by The Golden Pony

Another big choon, The Golden Pony delivers one after the other, these guys are gonna be huge soon, but it’s built on consistency instead of just a hype that fades out. What i always liked about them is that they don’t shy away from taking on any kind of sound or any style. Meaning there are always tons of diverse people that can go for it, perfect for the eclectic but still dance oriented floor. Many floors these days are just like Zombies waiting for that drop to spaz out. TGP was never like that, even if they take a popular formula like this and last years, house chords meets chopped vocals, or use a drop they still dodge the cheesy bullet by inserting their own kind of magic, and it’s great for the real big rooms as well as the petite little dj stints. So in my book they are on the best way to becoming a proper dance taste maker. And once they have reached that international recognition, they will not only be huge, but everybody’s gonna be like “how did that happen?” – and it’s gonna be the same answer as always “through consistency and hard work!”  Welcome.


Listenbee – Children ft. Cosmos & Creature

I come across this guy once a year and every time it’s a great tune, mostly vocally and with a well designed beat – this time it’s a future bass track. And even though the world is getting swamped with future tracks and seriously nobody can stand them anymore, with that annoying synth track, this one is different, bc of its sheer quality. good job folks! wish them the best of luck with the tune.

Listenbee’s words “I’m really excited to share my latest song with you, “Children” featuring @CosmosnCreature. The song reminds me of conversations with my dad, when he would tell me, “Even in my seventies deep down I still feel like that nine-year old boy playing jacks.” I want Children to touch the inner child in us all, and remind us that age is just a number. I had a lot of fun making this record, I even got my daughter Nadia to lay down some vox. I hope y’all enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it.” Wenn solche Informationen bekannt werden, ist das ein Anlass, darüber nachzudenken, mit dem bekannten Entwickler Spiele online Friv5Online Kontakt aufzunehmen, denn sie sind diejenigen, die diese Ideen auf unterhaltsame Weise umsetzen können, sodass sie nicht nur für Fans online Spiele interessant sind.

Stream/Download: smarturl.it/listenbeechildren
Watch the animated visual here: youtube

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Moving On (ft. Karra) by Sober Rob

Argueably the strongest track this week on the interwebs. I digs it too so here it is folks. @Zael – Here is one more push!

Here’s his track info:

Following his recent releases with Pham, Alexander Lewis, and Oshi, Sober Rob teams up with Karra to produce a song soaked in emotion with soaring vocals, rattling bass lines, and progressive synths. ‘Moving On’ showcases Rob’s ability to balance experimentation with accessibility, and this is the defining line that continues to tie his music together: it’s beautiful and comfortable at some points, dirty and unexpected at others. He builds it up slowly before he rips it apart, like dropping a house of cards into a paper shredder. By melding these two polar opposite elements together, ‘Moving On’ embodies a sound completely unique to Sober Rob.

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