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chromemusic pres. Aloe Blacc & Band live in Munich

After Mayer Hawthorne came over to make the munich’s soul stepper community go wild, der Kongress (aka Registratur) & chromemusic managed to get Aloe Blacc into Puerto Giesing this autumn. “I need a dollar” THE soul-summer-track 2010 and title song to the HBO series “How to make it in America” made him to a well known name and honorable representative of the Stones Throw label. Everybody is invited to have a great time with us and especially of course those who want to share this special soulful Aloe Blacc feeling of the everyday struggle at Munich’s exceptional harbor.

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Because of the three weeks Oktoberfest we decided to let the pre-selling star earlier. Tickets are limitted so go get your early birds before you spend all your money on beer and pretzls!

For tickets go to these fine Resellers: muenchenticket.de & ticketsonline.de


Chrome’s very own Wu-Tang x Aloe Blacc remix of this song:

[audio:http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/i-need-a-dollar-chrome-remix.mp3|titles=Aloe Blacc & Wu-Tang – I need a dollar (chrome remix)]
Aloe Blacc & Wu-Tang – I need a dollar (chrome remix)


World Cup German Cream Team aka Wu-Tang Killah Germs

The German youngsters are playing an incredible WC, to be honest the best i can remember, and this time they have a turkish guy, 2 polish guys, an arab, an african and so forth in their ranks – its by far the closest and realest representation of the german public in a national team up till now, which is multi-ethnical and not the nazi like image & clichee that has been upheld far too long by the rest of the world and espec Hollywood & the UK Press. This time they play phenomenal football and rightfully deserve to go to the finals. Dont know why but it reminds me of the young Wu-tang clan in the early 90ies, when they came up out of nowhere and simply redefined everything. Even during the game we started giving them Wu-Tang Names lol

Here is my starting line-up:

Ps this Man is playing an incredible WC – has to be the best player, here he is with our very own Palina



ps the entire world is praising Thomas Müller who in his first professional year, won the national championship, the national cup, was the runner up in the Champions League Finale and is now playing an incredible WC at age 20! See what YUM YUM NRW has to say about him!

Chiddy Bang Video – live in Munich – biggin up chromemusic and performing their tune “Kids”

via the new YUM YUM youtube channel.

These guys are ace… they interrupted their UK tour just to pay us a little visit and i gotta say, Xaphoon and Chiddy are the nicest guys around. We’ll make sure to put them on a proper tour around continental Europe. I think they anjoyed themselves and the crowd ate it up. I wasnt all happy with the soundman but the performance was real nice. Here is a video of them bigging up our site and performing their hit “Kids”

yes, it was that awesome…