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Get Lucky (Daft Punk Remix)

Get Lucky Remix 12″ Vinyl by Daft Punk is going to be released on July 12 via Amazon and the exclusive stream is available on Spotify beneath the short Video Teaser. There are tons of remixes out there and only a few of them are worth mentionable. This is one of them.

Get Lucky – Mediopicky & Caballo Remix (Free DL)

Iconic dance floor heroes Daft Punk are back with a good solid tune and everybodys covering remixing their very first tune. While it’s actually widely considered to be a sin to remix Daft Punk, much like the XX, cause it lacks every bit of creativity to jump on the next obvious thing, this Moombah take works w/o insulting the solid disco original or spoiling Pharrells vocals. It does that in regards to the original and is a hit in any Moombah set. Good one.