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Ushahidi for the Japan earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear emergency

Ushahidi for the Japan earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear emergency

if you are one of our japanese readers, or happen to have family or friends in the greater area, use Ushahidi. This system is so easy to use,a ccessible to almost everyone and lets people know where to and how to help, or even to avoid further disasters with an instant notifier via text/SMS. If you want to actively do something and help each other, this is one way. it helped a lot of people in kenya, haiti etc so far. Those that need it the most

about Haiti – pls help this clean water initaiative!

A friend of mine has this new initiative to help Haiti, he runs a global clean water initiative and this is what he is looking to provide to the people of Haiti who have fallen victim to last weeks catastrophy. Read his words and help.

“Dear friends,

Many of you have watched the devastation in Haiti this past week. I am setting up a special dedicated fund for those of you who would like to contribute directly to giving clean water back to Haiti.

After such a natural disaster, the main needs of the people revolve around, shelter, basic food and water as well as medical aid. Clean water is critical in the early days of such a tragedy.

I have already developed some reliable contacts and can assure that these funds go directly to providing much needed clean water to the people of Haiti.

Please visit the web site www.globalh2o.org and help by donating spare change for clean water today, or you can access the donation forms directly here: https://thewildefoundation.sagefundraisingonline.com/haiti

James Wilde
Managing Director & Founder
Global H2O