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Favourite Tracks right now


Lady Luck – Jamie Woon (Hudson Mohawke’s Schmink-Wolf Re-Fix)



Woof Woof – Dan Deacon (Hudson Mohawke Remix)

about HudMo

Hudson Mohawke is a scottish producer who made quite a bit of ruckus for himself and has constantly been pounding his way into my eardrums for the past 2 years. Too call his music this or that would be way too simple, any attempt to do so would significantly fil and labeling stuff is not how its done anymore. I figured it would be time to have a little roundup of some of my favourite tunes of his, since i seem to be addicted to the Lady Luck remix he just recently published. If you have never heard of him before (???), it must be a heavy rock…

HudMo: Facebook /// Website /// buy his releases

more HudMo tunes


Rising 5 – Hudson Mohawke



Snapdragon – Hudson Mohawke (Sonar 2010 exclusive)



Gluetooth – Hudson Mohawke



Overnight – Hudson Mohawke