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Pure Summer Vibes! “Apple of My Eye” by Jesse Whitney

Here is a friend of mine whom i met on Zoom (what a sad world that is), who then told me he was doing music while we talked about lizards, UFOs, conspiracies and Wikileaks and stuff…
Well send it he did! He made a super, uber-sweet beach, reggae, folky songwriter tune and it’s *****ing mindblowingly lovely! Play it at all summer, play at your garden party, play it in your barnhouse, play it on your balcony with your loved one! A proper 100% YUM YUM top tune, for the late night hours on the beach… Really wants me make a new Mixtape!
Proper music, not just some soundbytes to torture your brains memory center (actually lol’ed while writing this). Jesse is straight out of Melbourne, and spent some time in Berlin, where the hook-up happened, and although i am officially on team Sidney, simply bc my good friend Mat McHugh is from there, i should be biased (i am)  but this tune is some sweet, sweet summer wine. Check out “Apple of my Eye”!

ps. usually i would have posted a sunny beach pic like this, but Jesse has an unusally good so i had to repost it!
Jesse Whitney on Spotify . His Spotify profile pic says it all! Great guy!

Island Vibes & must have Reggae Tunes:

The world is melting outside and everyones off to the beaches except me…. sucks big time and screw them all…, so here are some of my favourite Reggae tunes when playing out: Some a bit older and some brand new. Spreading the island Vibes…


Daville- “love you more” found via the Heatwave (my fav blog for any jamaican affairs)


“Righteous One” – Gyptian new tune by everyones favourite reggae singer


Mr Vegas – “Sweet Jamaica” simply feels right