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Rihanna & Drake – Work (R3hab Remix)

Besides topping the worldwide charts and dropping a phenomenal album RiRi also has the best possible remix around, with all the state of the art ingredients, that make this tune a pure pleasure to play out loud. Actually Drake is kind of a downer on this one :(  Buuuut….

Still his verse can’t take away from the production and the chopped vocal hook more than makes up for anything and apart from all those twerk-rework-jerks he actually lets the tune breath for a minute. Big up to R3hab for setting up a killer dancefloor tune out of a killer anthem w/o losing the island vibes. Tropical 2.0 and beyond. “Maximum Respect” is, i guess, the proper Caribbean phrase to recognize superb achievements…

Play this one out loud and save your self the time debating if it’s good or not, cause i said so :)

new Schlachthofbronx double single – Slowine / Dickie Riddim ft Warrior Queen /2 mad Anthems

These two guys have a good taste when it comes to food and even a better taste when it comes to the tunes they knock out. Homegrown heroes who are really fun to hang out with, that know their way around the bass, so let your body slowine to this one. 2 Great tunes from their forthcoming double single, expected on February 10th, in 9 days, of their new album “Dirty Dancing”. Epic title, i was even thinking of calling a club night like that, so that’s the proper Zeitgeist meine Herren!  The first one is a cumbia like slow & techy badboy called “Slowine” and the 2nd one is a minimal but tough dancehall tune called “Dickie Riddem”. The Bronx on their vocalist Warrior Queen: “Flow is wicked. Dutty as fuck. Dance pon di dickie.” Proper caribbean Anthem! Get it via Juno

More Bronx::::their Website:::Soundcloud::::facebook::::chromemusic

Mr. Vegas – Pum Pum Shorts ft. Teairra Mari & Gyptian (video)

Ever since he really exploded on the scene in ’99 Mr Vegas has been a contsant reaggae hit guarantee. Like i said in the previous post, chromemusic favourite & YUM YUM all time anthem supplier Mr Vegas seems to be on fire, and this might be a flashy video, that you would expect from a 2004 Beyonce mixed with some Busta Rhymes a decade ago, and that would be more than just played these days, but its Mr Vegas and in my book he can get away with anything, and as always he delivers another prime timer for the dancefloor (its so catchy, its reminiscent of the 2002/03 duty rock sean paul).

Teairra Mari (Feat. Mr. Vegas & Gyptian) – Pum Pum Shorts
Mr Vegas: website / facebook / wiki / itunes / on chromemusic

pure Island Vibes: Mr Vegas – Mi tuff like steel

This has been on top of my playlist and my favourite dancehall tune for the last 2 months or so, Mr Vegas on the mighty Blaze Fya Riddem. A definite YUM YUM track to play at any party, even though it starts out a bit cheesy, it quickly unwinds into a dancehall stomper. Of course the boys are tuff like steely and the sexy girls bodies start exposing… hahahaha… pretty much sums up dancehall in general. love this tune, lol


Mr Vegas – Mi tuff like Steel