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Kidz Stepper – take only what you need from me


i don’t know how this song made its way on my lapper, but it goes down a storm every time i play it. 2008s most played pop tune gets the dubstep remix and – honestly – this is the only way left to play this tune. ps @ all djs – dubsteps real nice, but do not make your dubsteps breaks – and honestly thats what it mostly is in ecclectic sets – too long. it often takes away from the energy – the unexpected breakdown and an in your face rawness has a way more dramatic effect on the floor – then constantly staying on one tempo.

sorry BS – that goes for any dj and any sound, not just dubstep. i hate nights that are either 130bpm or 100bpm or whatever. 2010s approaching – Wake up!



Chiddy Bang – Kids

this track ruled my itunes hiphop playlist last week. pretty funny to use mgmts kids anthem from last year as sample source and make a track called “kids” out of it “featuring mgmt”. i like their attititude. lets see what the future what the future will bring.


“kids-feat-mgmt” – Chiddy Bang

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Dj Tonka getting down with YUM YUM

Tonka playing MGMTs Kids on swedisch electronic pocket organ for the YUM YUM guys. Hilarious.

This guy is one of the pioneers of the old german techno/breakbeat/house scene and he made this outstanding and ridiculouly dancefloor treatment of MGMTs gigantic anthem “Kids”. Extremly mixable and check the added keyboards, which give away a lot of his Italo influence. He even reprogrammed the drums on the same drum machine to make a properly mixable outro and break. This tune does it all. respect the architect…

He will probably be getting down with the entire YUM YUM/ Top Friend Entourage in the near future since he moved to munich recently and is extremly interested in the new styles, does some good production etc. We’ll see more of him in the near future.