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YUM YUM munich this Saturday, Oct 10th @ Alte Kongresshalle

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After the Registratur closing we had a heated debate where to go to, and every single club in munich offered us a premium spot. But we decided to keep it interesting and head out to Kongresshalle twice, do something at the huuge Stroke Urban Art Fair exhibition and concentrate more on off locations, cause not a single spot in munich came close to the Registratur.

So this Saturday we are having our monthly night @ Kongresshalle, where we had our Sommerfest, which turned out to be the best party i have been to this year. Djs will be chrome, max mausser & notfx. There will be an outside area !!! Which is in my eyes very importent no matter what – need to step outside and catch a breath now and then. The 2nd floor was supposed to be a top friend floor, but we are not even sure if we can have a 2nd area – due to some police regulations. We ll see how that works out. Ps before we start the night there will be a live show with Buraka Som Sistema starting at 9pm, which will be over by latest 11.30 – thats when we will start. No worries about the entry – The concert is handled separately: So regular entry fee from 11pm on – before that, its the entry fee for Buraka – anybody who is gonna stay after the show is free to do so.

How to get to Kongresshalle via google maps. right behind munichs little statue of liberty (actually beerdinking)

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Stromae “Alors On Danse”

new YUM YUM this Friday @ Registratur

Happy to be back in munich this Friday with the latest and last installment of YUM YUM @ Registratur. Djs will be Chrome, Max and the Top Friend Floor will be run by Norbert Schiegl & Schu. So be in for a massive night, this Friday, September 4th @ Registratur.

No worries we are going nowhere. >>We will still keep our monthly date in munich, every 1st weekend of the month, except this october – when we come back on the 10th of October, right after the Oktoberfest. we had to skip that one. Kongresshalle is just to close to the Oktoberfest. Ps Kongresshallen is the best option, just remember how amazing the Sommerfest was. Next YUM YUM dates in Munich: Sept 4th @ Registratur, October 10th @ Kongresshalle, October 31st – tba (in conjunction with a huge art expo), November 7th @ Kongresshalle.

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YUM YUM Top Tunes for September will be online by wednesday.

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