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Lenka – Album Two

Australian singstress Lenka delivered her second album Two (released April 19th) a few weeks ago and i have listened to it occasionally after actually liking the first one quite a lot, but none of the songs would stick in my head. Its feelingwise a summer album, or filled with summer tunes, but not as catchy as the first one or maybe even too catchy – so that its hard to have one particular song remembered (?), but of course thats up to everyone else to decide. Perfect pop music, maybe a bit too perfect. I still like her and i like people that make positive pop music, and thats already worth acknowledging and after 2 months i finally figured out which songs i like the most, but check out the entire album “Lenka: Two“yourself. PS i think this lady has a lot of talent which should be paired with the best producers out there, to still make positive pop music, but give the music more deepness, so that her vocals can unfold even more. and make the music more interesting, cause i think thats what it is in the end. Thats at least what i want to see, at little edgy material paired with her great vocal talents. Pls surprise me with Three.

Lenka – everything at once

Lenka – everythings ok

Lenka: official website / facebook

new tunes for this week


sharkslayer, hailing from the top billin camp up in helsinki (Fin) these guys are leaning towards the techy side of things, with the production muscle to back it up. i was supposed to hook em up a replacement gig for july 4th (stars and stripes) but failed in my quest. More of that short notice BS –



Bounce camp – more top billin associates with another track from their blog, happy feelgood 4/4.



sharam & kid cudi (club rerub). supposed to be one of the tunes this summer. you herd it before, had it up on this site not too long ago. a clubby edit. i dig the original better but still…



wale ft lady gaga chillin (benzi edit). couldnt get myself to put that stupid video up, but i sent this one around last week, when i first got it and you facebook blogers have been busy spreading it. so for all of you who missed it so far, here is a real party track which is gonna get played a lot.



2 ripe new fruits to reap

2 lovely feelgood tunes by these two ladies. if you dig these tunes, support the ladies on myspace or by purchasing their albums, which are both very enjoyable. you do know how to google Lenka & Little Jackie? proper sunshine music


28butts_Little Jackie


the show_Lenka