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Cabaret by Woolsoul

This must be my favorite beat atm. Perfect execution of the perfect lo fi , slow dynamics, “empty” sparsely filled tune, that will become more and more in the near future. It’s an expected evolution when people are receiving too TMI at almost any given moment. I can only agree and am a living example of the TMI Genration. Why do you think so many people tend to meditation, mysticism, spiritualism and try to find peace inside themselves that they cannot find outside?  So this is the kind of tune that works on a stream but also in any place where you want to drop it. Great gem! Enjoy this gift of music.

Tennis “Cape Dory”

Tennis, her albums finally out and after becoming addicted to her “Marathon” tune in december, and simply listening to it for all of this cold cold xmas (this tune managed to get me out of bed softly each and every time), i gladly salute the first memorable album of this year: Tennis’ “Cape Dory” . chromemusic favourite Tennis delivers the goods on her debut album (?). Here is the afforementioned Marathon tune and another favourite. Make sure to check herout and get the album. definitely worth it!


Tennis – Marathon


Tennis – Long Boat Pass